Well if you follow me on Facebook you will see I participated in a friend’s “31 in 31 days” scrapbooking challenge. I was also busy getting ready for back to school so sadly I did not hit 31. I did get seventeen done and that is seventeen I didn’t have done before so I will call it a win. Below you can see the pages I created.

20150805_221257 20150811_110154 FB_IMG_1441036261679 FB_IMG_1439951115530 FB_IMG_1439953820074 FB_IMG_1439956042945

20150819_112636 20150823_195924 20150824_193632 20150830_203311 20150828_164236 FB_IMG_1440339894043 FB_IMG_1440552820100 FB_IMG_1441035351333 IMG_20150804_133030 IMG_20150806_125607

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