Simply Birthday


This simple card I tried the white on white layering. Seems so simple yet adds just enough of something extra. I used only two stamp sets and three colors to create this look. I did the ombre look with three different colors but I could have used one color on the sentiment and just stamped off so if you want even simpler, try that.  One thing I like about the deco look is that since it is photopolymer, if one spot doesn’t look quite right, I can easily see where I had stamped and redo it.  You can even see where the overlap wasn’t quite right. I love being able to show that not all my projects are perfect because so many feel that they need to show perfection but really, not every card is going to be perfect but that is what shows we made it ourselves. And that is what people appreciate.  I think this is one of the smallest materials list ever.

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