Almost time to say farewell…




The occasions mini just came out for demonstrators and of course the first place I looked was for what sets from the holiday mini carried over. Sadly the Seasonally Scattered, which the project today was made with didn’t make the cut.  (At least for now, who knows what will show up in June) So I had to ink up the last of the stamps of this set so I can say I used them all. This would be such a cute card for Valentines, or even a wedding or any celebration of love. I used the emboss resist, embossing is really making a come back with me, and colored three different shades of pink over it. I’m not much of a pink fan and don’t use it much unless I am making my sister projects.  White on white with just a little accent on the corners makes it look just a little fancier than if it had been all on one layer. I  may have to go back later and add a little bling somewhere on the card somewhere before I hand it out.

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