Doing the digital route

Sophie bday-001

So I forgot to send a birthday card in the mail early so it would get there on time but then I decided that I can send a digital one instead. Using MDS you can create wonderful digital cards that you don’t even need to print out to send. Just sharing and converting to a jpeg allows the image to be emailed. And the great thing, it gets to your recipient immediately. I have decided to strictly stay with the basic MDS and show all the wonderful things you can make with just MDS instead of purchasing extra stuff (but they do have tons of cool downloadable content for cheap!). MDS comes loaded with tons of stuff to use so if you are new, you can get right to it immediately. Of course if you want more, you can get matching sets from the catalog and new things are added frequently.  Plus it comes with a support/ community site!  It also can supplement your regular papercrafting by printing images out on card stock then cutting them out and adhering them to your card. How cool is that!

Materials used:

MDS Disc Software


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