For when you have to make multiples


For the second card of our workshop this weekend, I wanted to make something that is not only easy, but easy to make multiple of them. The background stamp was created by wheeling the Very Vintage stamp repeatedly. When making multiple of this, you can wheel up a whole 8.5×11 sheet and then cut out your face from that. The strip with the sentiment can be cut from the matching color in longer strips then go and punch the border throughout the whole thing then cut it down to the 4in. The most time consuming thing is the embossing but if you want, that part could get skipped. Put on a matching butterfly and you have a cute vintage looking card. This would be especially good if you were making a bunch of thank you’s.

Materials used:

Strawberry SlushWhisper White CardstockStrawberry Slush Ink PadVersamarkHeat ToolVery Vintage

Papillon PoutporriBlack embossing powderScallop TrimElegant Butterfly

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